Season 4

To commemorate the move to American Freedom Radio, I decided to start a new page for Season 4.  The info at American Freedom Radio makes it sound like the show will start on 11/09/2010, but Freeman said it would start on 11/04/2010 on Facebook, so we shall see who is right shortly.

51. Jim Marrs and Jesse Marcel Jr.

52. Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Kerry Cassidy

53. Richard Dolan

54. John Lear

55. Mike Murphy

...talks about his new film What In The World Are They Spraying? which is about chemtrails and the negative impact they have on humanity.

56. Joseph Farrel

In this show, Joseph Farrel talks about NAZIs and the occult research they undertook.

57. LA Marzulli

Freeman takes calls in the first hour, and then in the 2nd hour, he talks to LA Marzulli about ancient aliens, fallen angels, and biblical prophecy.

58. Bob Dean

John Coleman was supposed to be the guest on this show, but due to some scheduling confusion, he was unable to make an appearance, so Freeman improvised a good monologue/sermon in the beginning of the show.  He also took a few calls before Bob Dean stepped up to the plate on ridiculously short notice and spoke to Freeman about his disappointment with Americans who refuse to wake up, UFOs, the genetic re-engineering of humanity by aliens in ancient antiquity, and "friends in high places".

59. Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson talks about the curative properties of hemp oil (also known as Simpson Oil) and how BIG MONEY along with the pharmaceutical industry has conspired to keep natural and effective medicine out of the public's hands.

60. Dr. John Coleman

61. Alfred Labremont Webre

62. George Lobuono

George Lobuono of joined Freeman in the first hour to discuss alien civilizations from an anthropological point of view.  Based on accounts of abductees, George explained what can be deduced about the culture of our alien visitors.  He also talked (very rapidly) about the psychic ability of the aliens and about our own psychic ability.

63. J the Terraformist

This can be seen as a continuation of J's appearance on the Free Zone a few weeks earlier.  Despite the technical difficulties due to flaky internet connections, there was a lot of good info on aquaponics, the importance of nutrition, and progress on the eco-caravan getting ready to roll in Mexico.

64. Stan Deyo

65. Temporal Recon

An anonymous author who goes by the alias Temporal Recon talked to Freeman about John Titor, the time traveller who captured our imagination 10 years ago with stories from our alleged future.

66. Vinny Eastwood

Freeman was joined by fellow AFR radio host Vinny Eastwood for some spirited conversation about deception and cowardice in the media and all that implies.