Season 3

To commemorate the creation of the official Radio Freeman podcast, I'm going to go ahead and call episode 37 the first episode of Season 3.  Note that when Freeman created his podcast, he combined seasons 1 and 2 together, removed a few episodes, and then renumbered what was left.  See his official podcast for details.

37. Obama Alien Invasion

38. Are You Adaptable

39. Obama Social Security

Freeman questions the conspicuous lack of information about Obama's past.

40. 2012 & the Age of Catastrophe

41. You Chose To Be Here

42. Obama Cloning Confirmed

43. Operation Culture Creation

Freeman and his guest, Jamie Kelly, discuss Princess-Warrior programming.

44. Paranormal Response Team

45. Money Spell

So you think you need money.  What if money is the spell keeping you trapped to an agenda you don't want.  What would life be like without money?

46. Mysterious Vortex Dr. Deagle

47. Lucifer Disaster

Freeman shares his thoughts regarding Supriem David Rockefeller on Dr. Deagle's Nutrimedical Report show.  The thing that surprised Freeman most was that his friend, Steve Wilner, had a connection to Supriem's "prophet", the Freemason named Mr. Prescott.

48. 21st Century Capital Warfare

49. The Beast & The Hidden God

50. Show Me The Way

Freeman talks about the deficit of trust in modern society.