Quit Your Job ... Save The World

But that "..." is so mysterious.  Quitting your job is easy, but then what?  We will try to answer that question in the days to come.

The Purpose of the Pilgrimage

Freeman often advises us to take a pilgrimage after we quit our jobs.  He says go out on the road, and allow synchronicity to be your guide.  Furthermore, do not let the lack of money stop you from setting out on your personal adventure of self-discovery.  He asks us to have faith in the benevolent unseen forces in the Universe that are waiting patiently to give you EXACTLY what you need if only you would give them the opportunity to do so.

This frightens many of you, and to be honest, it frightens me, too, even though I've taken more than a few pilgrimages of my own.  The lack of a safety net is unnerving, but that safety net is made out of our enslavement mechanism (aka the money system built on fiat currency + fractional reserve banking + usury).  If we are to be truly free, we need to learn to not rely on our enslavement mechanism to live.

Back to the pilgrimage -- even with all this said, some of you are still unsure.  You might wonder, "How is this going to help save the world," and I tell you:

Before you can save the world, you MUST save yourself.

Step 0 is to Save Yourself

I want to begin by saying the love vibe is no joke.  Freeman often talks about its importance, and it is upon this foundation that we want to base our work and our lives.  If you don't have love in your life, you are not going to save a damned thing.  Therefore, we want to heal ourselves so that the love vibe that is within all of us can come through and find expression.  We're going to reconnect with the love vibe by simply loving ourselves.

Let's start with the basics.

First, are you eating healthy food every day?  And if not, why not?  

What about your mental diet?  Is it time to turn off your computer for a bit?  What about your TV?  Are you allowing the nonphysical channels of mental nourishment reach you?

Second, do you exercise your body regularly and maintain a decent level of physical fitness?

Third, are you clean?  Is your environment clean?  Are you pleased with your immediate surroundings and your living quarters?

These are all things that are under our control, and consistent application of the basics can get you surprisingly far.

These simple things are also part of loving yourself.  Much of life is maintenance, and you must love yourself to maintain yourself let alone to push yourself forward to newer and greater heights.  But before we soar, we must learn to run, and before that we must learn to walk, and before that we must learn to crawl.

The basics are important, so let us master them to the best of our current ability.

To be continued.